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What We Do Best

Tune Ups

We weill perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle. Including replacing air and fuel filter, running general diagnostics, and ensuring that basic engine parts are working well.

Electrical Repairs

have us diagnose and repair problems within a  vast range of electrical systems. Including lighting, power windows, cruise control, and more.

Tire balance

We can ensure that your tires are balanced well and weighted safely to guarantee a safe and smooth ride.

Engine Repairs

We repair any mechanical issues with the vehicle engine, ranging from small part replacement to complete overhaul.

Head Light Alignments

We can help maximize visibility by adjusting headlights to match safety standards and ensure proper visibility in most driving conditions.

Computer Diagnostics

We utilise a state of the art computer to diagnose complex problems, using computer processors, sensors, and microchips.

Air Conditioning

Repair or recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning to draw out the max performance for ultimate comfort. We perform repairs to compressors, vacuum tests, and recharge your air conditioning unit.

Service & Repairs

We offer top rated general vehicle repair and servicing for a wide range of issues. With competitive rates, and quality service, we are here for your needs.

Oil Changes

We remove old vehicle oil and replace oil filters and offer a wide range of oils to match your car’s specific design, to best draw out engine performance.

Brakes & Exhaust Repairs

Problems with stopping or weird car noises? We can repair and replace all broken brake components and fix a wide range of exhaust related issues.

Transmission Service

We offer a wide range of servicing and repairs for transmissions. Ranging from fluid replacement, clutch repairs, maintenance, and more.

Fuel Inspection

We can help your vehicle run smoothly and draw out the most perfomance by evaluating fuel consumption and composition. We can find and fix any problem.
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